The Alamo Orchid Society is dedicated to helping its members and friends throughout San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country increase their knowledge of orchids. At our meetings, presentations, and exhibits, we share information about orchid culture, growing, hybridizing, and preservation. Whether you have one or two orchids on a windowsill, or a greenhouse filled with hundreds of specimens, you are welcome at the San Antonio Alamo Orchid Society!
Our members range from novices to experienced growers. We cultivate a wide diversity of orchids, from catts to paphs, from vandas to bulbos, from phals to zygos. Some of us grow orchids under lights, in greenhouses, on windowsills, or outside on porches and decks. Every orchid enthusiast is welcome at the Alamo Orchid Society, and becoming a member is easy: join us for one of our meetings, pay your dues, and enjoy the company of others who share your passion for orchids!

The Alamo Orchid Society is a 501(c) nonprofit organization.